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The PCCNC was officially founded on March 21, 2001 when the coalition was first incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a tax exempt 501(c)3. The movement to establish state prostate cancer coalitions was initiated by the National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC) in an effort to develop more grassroots support from the states on issues related to prostate cancer. Each state coalition is an independent entity developed organically and suited to the needs and environment of the state. Today, the PCCNC maintains connections with our allies throughout the nation via our involvement with the National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions (NASPCC) and numerous national organizations including the Alliance for Prostate Cancer Prevention, the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Foundation for Cancer Research & Education (FCRE), MaleCare, the Prostate Cancer Education Council (PCEC), the Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation (PCREF), the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), the ProstateNet, the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), UsToo International, and Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC).

Upon initiation of the PCCNC efforts were immediately set forth to network prostate cancer survivor support programs and numerous community groups throughout the state with a focus on addressing prostate cancer health disparities. During this time the PCCNC engaged and established relationships with our state Comprehensive Cancer Program, medical leadership at our state's National Cancer Institute (NCI) Academic Research Centers, medical professionals working in our state's network of community cancer centers, leaders in the urology community, and members of our state chapter of the Academy of Family Physicians to better understand and address issues related to optimal survivorship for the citizens of our state.

Executive Board of Directors

Our voting Executive Board is comprised solely of individuals with direct personal experience with prostate cancer, overlapping skill as civic and medical community leaders, and long-standing dedication and commitment to the mission and vision of the PCCNC. Click to view bios for our Executive Board of Directors


Our Advisory Board is comprised of survivor activists and community partners throughout the state. These individuals provide ad hoc insight to the challenges and opportunities related to raising awareness and assuring access to resources for early detection and "best practices" medical care. This direction, when appropriate, is presented to our team of Medical Advisors. Once a solution is established, a budget and implementation plan are developed and presented to our Executive Board of Directors for input and approval.

Program Timeline and Status

Building upon formative relationships established during our early years, the PCCNC quickly recognized the power and diversity of community leaders throughout the state. These unique individuals form the PCCNC Advisory Board. At the core of our work, we aim to develop programmatic elements that enhance and support the crucial efforts of these individuals and the organizations they represent.

In 2005 our Advisory Board concluded that a unified effort must be made throughout our state to assure greater awareness of updates to prostate screening guidelines. Working with Judd Moul M.D., F.A.C.S., Professor and Chief of the Division of Urology at Duke University Medical Center and Duke Prostate Center physicians and professional staff, Culley C. Carson, III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Rhodes Distinguished Professor, Professor and Chief of Urology at UNC School of Medicine and the faculty and staff of UNC Urology, the physicians of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence, we collectively developed the PCCNC Screening Guidelines Summary, which distills recommendations from the National Comprehensice Cancer Network (NCCN) and the American Urological Association (AUA) into a one page summary of information applicable in a primary care setting. This information continues to be routinely updated in tandem with any relevant updates from the NCCN or AUA, and disseminated through the NC Academy of Family Physicians as a convenient way to support primary care doctors interested in offering these nationally recognized clinical "gold standards" to their patients.

In 2006 a Referral Discussion Guide was added to these efforts. From this point forward intense statewide community consultations and planning efforts ensued. Please see our planning archive documents for additional information:

Presently, we are expanding upon our efforts to promote "gold standard" screening guidelines and provide educational support for newly diagnosed men by integrating these programs in partnership with primary care physicians throughout our state via our Prostate Health Centers of Excellence Program.


There are several ways to support the work of the PCCNC. Our volunteer structure is designed to adhere to the core of our mission and vision - and to assure that everyone in our state impacted by prostate cancer has the opportunity to contribute.

Based on what we've learned thus far (as reflected in our needs analysis and experience implementing action item priorities which can be viewed above in the background section of this page), we welcome all concerned and interested individuals to become involved in committee work. Please email us to join indicating which of the following committee or committee you would like to work on.

Our committee structure is as follows:

Survivor Core Committee
This committee of survivors and caregivers maintains focus on:
Community Care Excellence
This committee of medical professionals focuses on:
Civic & Faith Leadership Committee
This non-denominational committee of civic and faith community leaders focuses on:

All committee members are part of the PCCNC Advisory Board. The board welcomes ad hoc input and contributions. To volunteer to serve ad hoc on our Advisory Board, Please email the PCCNC indicating your experience, input, and ideas you believe are important to effectively addressing prostate cancer in our state.

We also welcome nominations for medical advisors. Medical Advisors serve ad hoc as key consultants on issues that may require input, advice, and understanding from the medical community. Medical Advisors must be nominated by a survivor or caregiver and the medical professional must provide prostate cancer related care to residents of North Carolina. Our multidisciplinary pool of Medical Advisors include medical professionals in the fields of primary care, urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology, pathology, nursing, and social work. Email the PCCNC to nominate a medical professional to this board. Please include their field of speciality, a statement as to why you believe they will provide essential input for novel approaches to providing excellent care in NC, and their contact information. Approval of new advisors is presented to our Volunteer Medical Directors and other Medical Advisors prior to approval.

Seeking to apply clinical and community "lessons learned," we welcome community based translational research collaborations.

You can also support the work of the PCCNC by making an individual "in memory of" or "in honor of" tax deductible donation.

By working together the citizens of North Carolina will see a day when prostate cancer is no longer a threat to the families of our state.

Thank you for your generosity and support.
Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, who help make this tremendous progress possible!

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The information and opinions expressed on this web site are not an endorsement or recommendation for any medical treatment, product, service or course of action by the Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina or its officers and directors. For medical, legal or other advice, please consult appropriate professionals of your choice.