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Mission and Vision

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The coalition focuses on three goals:

  1. Raising awareness of prostate cancer as a major health threat to North Carolina families.
  2. Promoting community, state and national actions to battle this disease.
  3. Uniting and coordinating our efforts to increase the effectiveness of those affected or concerned about prostate cancer.


By working together the citizens of North Carolina will see a day when prostate cancer is no longer a threat to the families of our state.

Critical Success Factors

  • The state of North Carolina must be a leader in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of prostate cancer.
  • The physicians in North Carolina must be well informed regarding all the issues associated with the diagnosis, treatment and care of prostate cancer.
  • The major medical institutions in North Carolina collaborate to provide leading edge research and the best possible care for those affected by this disease.
  • World-class diagnostic and treatment facilities, equipment and services must be available to the men of North Carolina.
  • The prostate cancer patient in North Carolina should be a well-informed patient.
  • The citizens of North Carolina must be aware of the threat of prostate cancer and their best course of action to protect themselves or their loved ones.
  • The citizens of North Carolina should be aware of the health and dietary choices that will reduce their risk of prostate cancer.
  • Screening and care resources must be readily available to all of our citizens.
  • There should be support groups easily accessible to all of our citizens.
  • There should be knowledgeable survivors and spouses available for prostate cancer consultation with men or their families.
  • The death rates from prostate cancer in North Carolina should be among the lowest in the Nation for every ethnic and social group.

The PCCNC is a 501c3 non-profit. We welcome charitable donations.

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