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The following information is an excerpt from Dr. Mark McClure's presentation, Smart Medicine for a Healthy Prostate.

Scientists theorize that prostate cancer is a complex interplay between dietary, lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors. The first three of these influences are under our control. Even though the last factor - our genetic make-up - can't be changed, we can change the expression of our genes. For instance, even though there may be an increased genetic risk of developing prostate cancer (due to a strong family history of prostate cancer), this risk can be decreased by making healthy dietary, lifestyle, and environmental choices.

These recommendations also apply to men who've already been diagnosed with or treated for prostate cancer. Scientific research suggests that healthy dietary, lifestyle, and environmental choices may prevent prostate cancer recurrence and/or spread.

Curing cancer requires more than just surgically removing the tumor or treating it with radiation. Curing cancer requires a holistic approach that treats the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Even when cancer can't be cured, a holistic approach can significantly improve the quality of life and survival of men with prostate cancer.

Click here to download Smart Medicine for a Healthy Prostate, as presented during the DUKE CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Educational Series on November 14, 2001 in Durham, NC

Mark W. McClure, MD, FACS is a Diplomat of the American Board of Urology and American Board of Holistic Medicine and founder of Landmark Urology and Complementary Medicine (one of the first urology practices in the United States to offer both conventional and complementary medicine) and author of Smart Medicine for a Healthy Prostate (NY: Avery Publishing Group, 2001).

 Smart Medicine for a Healthy Prostate

Bonus: How to Make Green Tea
The key to making green tea is using tea that has high amounts of the compound EGCg in it and not allowing the tea to oxidize

Buy the most inexpensive, fresh green tea you can find - it's not procesed as much as the more expensive brands. 1Tbs of tea to every cup of water.

Fill thermos with hot but not boiling water, cover, and let steep for 20-30 minutes. If tea turns brown, it is oxidized (fermented), and EGCg compound is destroyed, so make a fresh batch. Drink at least three cups of the tea per day.

Instructions were provided by Shutsung Liao, Ph.D. Director, Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research; Professor in The Ben May Institute for Cancer Research and in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago.

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