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North Carolina is home to numerous outstanding research program.

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The North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project:

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Clinical Trials
Clinical research studies are important for finding ways to better understand and treat cancer. Patients should understand the risk and side affects associated with each trial.


Prostate cancer clinical trials in North Carolina

National prostate cancer clinical trials

Click here to search the NCI database for clinical trials.
Having people from all races and ethnicities take part in research is one way to help improve understanding of prostate cancer and its disproportianal impact on some racial and ethnic groups.

Project CONNECT is part of the Carolina-Shaw Partnership. The purpose of the project is to encourage more involvement in research and help explain why certain groups of people are faced with diseases and other illnesses more than others.

To learn more about clinical trials see

Informed Consent: The Consumer's Guide to the Risks and Benefits of Volunteering for Clinical Trials
by Ken Getz, Borfitz Deborah
"This book informs the average human being about what to expect and ask when participating in clinical research."
Paul Gelsinger, From his 'Foreword' in Informed Consent

Don't let distance deter you from participating in a clinical trial that might help you. Organizations like Angel Flight NE and Corporate Angel Network can help patients travel to treatment facilities.

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